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Company Man band is an Americana band forged from the cinders of rock, the blaze of modern folk, and the heartache and joy of blues and country music.


From the Board Room

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Happy 2020

January 1, 2020

Happy New Year to all our fans, friends, and family. We are working on some new songs. Thinking of combining some new originals with classic covers that are pure Company Man. Stay tuned as we re-tool our schedules and catch us at your favorite music venue.


Band Members

The Organizational Structure


Eric Deli Bovi

CGO - Chief Groove Officer


Jeremy Burnham

Doctor of Slinky


Tony Castillo

V.P. of Everything Funky



Answers the Phone


Independence Tap


About the Company

Two bands ended and one emerged - Company Man. Founded in Chicago, with history in the South, Southwest, Northeast, and Cuba, the band takes the best parts of each region and makes it their own. The idea was to play music that was both inspiring and fun. That balance for the band was the mid-point where Americana meets Rock. With themes and images of distance places, past times, love lost, love gained, and whiskey, Company Man should be a modern country band - the pull towards the grit of Rock ‘n’ Roll steers the band towards a more rock sound. The music focus is on originals, but the music of heroes always has a place in a set list. Check Company Man out next time they play live or take a listen. Thanks.



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