Company Man

The Band

Company Man band is an Americana band forged from the cinders of rock, the blaze of modern folk, and the heartache and joy of blues and country music.



A few of our favorite past shows and venues:

Carol's Pub

6 Corners BBQ Festival

Norwood Park Fall Festival

Menard Days

Phyllis'Musical Inn

Gallery Cabaret

Underground Lounge

Independence Tap

Fat Cat

The Elbo Room 

The Mutiny


About the Band

Founded in Chicago, with history in the various forms of Americana pop music and makes it their own. The idea was to play music that was both inspiring and fun. That balance for the band was the mid-point where Americana meets Rock. With themes and images of distance places, past times, love lost, love gained, and whiskey, Company Man should be a modern country band - the pull towards the grit of Rock ‘n’ Roll steers the band towards a more rock sound. The music focus is on originals, but the music of heroes always has a place in a set list. Check Company Man out next time they play live or take a listen. Thanks.

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